Hi, my name is

Josh Green

I Am Passionate

Since 2008 I have worked in various professions and developed many skills. I am also a father to 4 wonderful childern, and a veteran of the United States Navy. With my skills and experience, I am confident I can help with any task you require!


Freelance Software Engineer

I'm Josh Green

A Software Engineer based in Virginia

I develop websites and applications for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating fast, secure, modern websites and web services. My passion is to simple, fast, and secure products that are totally custom and tailored to individual needs and desires. Check out my Portfolio

Virginia, USA


My Skills

Freelance Software Engineer

5 years
3 years
10 years
10 years
5 years
10 years
12 years
12 years
6 years
4 years
Linux Administration
10 years
VM Administration
8 years
8th Place CarolinaCon CTF

Assemled a team to compete in the 2022 CarolinaCon "Capture the Flag" penetration testing (hacking) event. Our team took 8th place out of more than 100 teams. Details for the challenges can be found on the events github page.

My Services

Freelance Software Engineer

Custom Websites

I design and build your business' website from the ground up. Custom code and built totally from scratch!

Web Applications

I will build custom web applications for your company. Whatever tool you need to make your life easier.

Security Audit

Networking or physical. I can help you find weak spots in your security and help you find the best ways to fix them and keep your business safe.

Server Administration

I have several years of experience managing and maintaining Linux server environments.


I host all of the websites that I build and will gladly host for you as well! With a very high uptime and No security incidents, I will host your site or application securely.

Custom Projects

If you have something in mind that you don't feel is covered by anything I have mentioned so far, reach out! Get in touch and we can talk about it and work out the details!


Freelance Software Engineer

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Freelance Software Engineer

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